ZHE BIN – LI 李哲彬

ZHE BIN – LI 李哲彬

Zhe Bin – Li was born in Tianjin in 1985. He started learning traditional Chinese ink painting from a young age. After graduating from Tianjin University of Technology in 2008, he has been working in the field of game art and has also been involved in the design and development of trendy toys. In December 2022, he was invited to join the Global Artist Committee (Sculpture) of the Asian Art Association.

” With a big face and always appearing angry but very cute little boy.” This series was created in 2019, with the artist drawing inspiration from his own child. . Children’s understanding of the world is novel and independent, not based on adults’ judgments about the world, and they experience a rich life under the seemingly confrontational appearance.

As we grow up, we become increasingly adept at hiding our true state. Happiness, struggles, resistance, helplessness, expectations—they may all be presented in a calm manner. Our lives are made up of countless moments, and in each person’s moment, there may be similar experiences that resonate and connect us. Deep within our souls, we share a common past, and we will eventually become children again.