Pann Kyi, was born in Myanmar in 1983. He was a quiet child who likes to draw cartoons or illustrations. He graduated from University of Culture in Yangon from the Department of Painting and obtained B.A. in Painting Honors’ Qualification.

When Pann Kyi first encountered the breath-taking beauty of huge bamboo forest at the suburb area of Yangon, which shortly became his most famous and popular motif. Pann Kyi has consistently been attracted by the beauty of nature and especially moved by the figure of trees. He expresses his deep love for nature and his country through his paintings. The basic single theme color, like yellow, green and blue, often represents the seasons of summer, monsoon and winter, respectively. By rich yet pellucid layers of color with a pallet knife, Pann Kyi successfully depicts the serene atmosphere and mysterious depth of the forest space on the canvas.

A native forest never shows the same scene every day and night by seasons. Pann Kyi, however, attempts to capture the miracle moment and space of nature permanently in the canvas with themed colour’s in the artist mind embracing the enigmatic depth of the forest and rays of light filtering through canopies and branches. Often the tiny figures of people and cattle in his paintings disproportionately contrast the imaginary tall trees, which subtly arouse awe in nature.

Pann Kyi meditates on a vision of forest beauty. His works represent an ability to seek peace and contentment, even when the leaves change colour. “I love nature and the quiet feelings it inspires. When I painted these, I felt very peaceful. I want to share this feeling with my audience.” – Pann Kyi



Pann Kyi,1983年出生於緬甸。他是個文靜的孩子,喜歡畫漫畫或插圖。他畢業於仰光文化大學繪畫系,並獲得了繪畫榮譽學士資格。

當 Pann Kyi 第一次在仰光郊區遇到令人嘆為觀止的巨大竹林美景時,竹林很快成為他最著名和最受歡迎的主題。 Pann Kyi 一直被大自然的美麗所吸引,特別是被樹木所吸引。他通過繪畫表達了對大自然和他的家鄉的熱愛。單一的主題顏色,如黃色,綠色和藍色,通常分別代表夏季,季侯風和冬季的季節。 Pann Kyi 通過豐富而透明的彩色層板和托盤刀,成功地描繪了帆布上森林空間的寧靜氛圍和神秘深度。

原始竹林從不顯示相同的場景無論很相同的季節、白天或黑夜。然而,Pann Kyi 試圖在畫布中永久捕捉自然的奇蹟時刻和空間,主題色彩在藝術家心中擁抱著竹林的神秘感,也從透過竹林和竹葉過濾的光線,帶出了竹林裡不同的感受。他畫作中人物和牛的微小與想像中的高大的竹樹成了不成比較的對比,這些高大地樹巧妙地引起了觀者對自然的敬畏。

Pann Kyi 繪畫中竹林的美療癒了觀者的願景。他的作品代表著尋求和平與滿足的能力,即使葉子變色也是如此。 “我喜歡大自然和安靜的感覺。 當我畫畫時,我感到非常平靜。 我想與觀眾分享這種感覺。“ – Pann Kyi