Stephanie Yong born in 1983, Selangor Malaysia. She graduated from Multimedia University in film and animation producer in year 2005. Stephanie started her career as gaming 3D modeler. She used to create 3D buildings and environments for console games. Stephanie found that she likes to do layout and design her own imaginary worlds. After she switched from digital to a more traditional medium, she realises that she enjoys it much more.

When Stephanie was young, she loved to look at Where’s Wally and Waldo books. She spent hours just immersed in the world and noticing hidden details etc. Thus, she drew my own worlds as well. She calls her artwork as ‘wimmelbild’ in German, it means ‘busy picture’.

In her creations, Stephanie tries to put lots of life into the drawings, hidden meanings and details, and let the viewer’s imagination play a part as well. She hope that her artworks can tell a story but also let the viewer to think what is going on in the imaginary world.

Stephanie tries to mix elements of nature to blend with man made modern infrastructure. Plants, animals and natural elements like rivers, oceans, mountains and jungles etc are usually included in her work. She wants to create some environmental balance and harmony without depending entirely on a concrete jungle.



Stephanie Yong 在1983年生於馬來西亞雪蘭莪。她於2005年畢業於多媒體電影和動畫製作人多媒體大學,然後開始了自己的遊戲3D建模師生涯。她曾經為控制台遊戲創建3D建築和環境。後來她發現她喜歡佈局和設計自己的想像世界。從數字媒體切換到更傳統的媒體後,她意識到自己會更喜歡它。

Stephanie 在年幼的時期,喜歡看《威利在哪裡? 》和《沃爾多的書》。她花了幾個小時沉浸在這個世界中,注意到了隱藏的細節等。因此,她也畫了我自己的世界。她用德語稱自己的作品為“ wimmelbild”,意思是“忙碌的圖片”。

Stephanie 在創作中嘗試將大量的生命融入到圖紙,隱藏的含義和細節中,並使觀眾的想像力也能發揮作用。她希望自己的作品能夠講述一個故事,同時也希望觀眾能夠想像一下想像中的世界。

Stephanie 嘗試將自然元素與人造現代基礎設施融合。她的作品通常包括植物,動物和自然元素,例如河流,海洋,山脈和叢林等。她希望在不完全依賴於混凝土叢林的情況下創造一些環境平衡與和諧。