Le Anh Can was born in 1985 in Vietnam. Although currently living and working in Ho Chi Minh City, Le Anh Can graduated from the University of Hue in the lacquer painting faculty. His work has been widely recognized and he was one of 10 artists granted sponsorship by the Australian Consulate in year 2008.

Stylistically, Le Anh Can’s talents are wide ranging. He creates beautiful impressionist landscapes using the palette knife, which highlight Vietnams freshness and radiance. His paintings are characteristically Vietnamese, emphasized more so by his use of bright colours, and subject matter. There is generally a limited palette used within each piece of work, simplifying the subject to its bare essentials.

Le Anh Can’s work can be defined as traditional with an exciting contemporary edge.

Le Anh Can於1985年在越南出生。 Le Anh Can雖然目前在胡志明市生活和工作,但畢業於順化大學漆畫系。他的作品得到了廣泛認可,他是2008年被澳大利亞領事館授予贊助的10位藝術家之一。

從風格上講,Le Anh Can的才能廣泛。他使用調色刀創造了美麗的印象派風景,突出了越南的清新和光彩。他的畫作具有越南特色,通過使用鮮豔的色彩和主題得到更多強調。通常,每件作品都使用有限的調色板,以簡化主題的基本要領。

Le Anh Can的作品可以被定義為具有激動人心的當代藝術的傳統。