Ross Lin was born in Taipei, Taiwan in 1986. From an early age, he showed his artistic talents and studied from secondary school to the Art Department of Huafan University. Specializing in the practical skills of Western painting, he laid a good foundation under the artistic expression. Later, under the guidance of the professors of the Institute, he gradually created his own style in the transformation between the media.

Created with oil painting media and expressed self with animals. Ross Lin  lets us meet the “it” in the depths of the jungle through the dreamlike jungle illusion. Ross Lin, who knows how to expressing human being with the theme of animals, uses the “leopard” to describe the state of mind under the repression. The leopard in the work appears to be still like a breath, but it can’t hide the pulsating life under the surface, a kind of explosive power to be stored.

In addition to the expression of inner emotions, Ross Lin uses the base treatment of three or forty layers and the pigments of the layer stacking to create a sense of time by adding round-trip sanding and creating a sense of orientalists, smoothing the surface after polishing. The three-dimensional bump pigments present a mysterious realm of real and dreamy interlacing. With the concept that he calls “ Transplanting Eastern Elements” where he tries to find the balance between the concrete and abstract and the Eastern and the Western, through traditional and modern methods.

“The dog is companionship, the leopard is a lone ranger, and art is a feeling of emotion and life for me. Through the interweaving of paintbrush and paint, I hope to convey the value of each person’s self-existence through my artworks, and show you the freedom of the mind.” – Ross Lin.



Ross Lin 在1986年出生於台灣台北。他從小就表現出他的藝術才能,並從中學到華範大學藝術係就讀。他擅長於西方繪畫的實踐技巧,為他的藝術表現奠定了良好的基礎。後來,在研究所教授的指導下,他逐漸在媒體之間的轉換中創造了自己的風格。

用油畫媒介創作,並用動物表達自我。 Ross Lin 讓我們通過夢幻般的叢林錯覺在叢林深處見識“它”。懂得以動物為主題來表達人類的林煌彥使用“豹子”來描述壓抑下的心理狀態。作品中的豹子看起來仍然像是在呼吸,但無法掩蓋表面下的脈動生命,這是一種爆炸​​性的能量。

除了表達內在的情感外,Ross Lin 還使用了三層或四十層的基礎處理方法,並通過疊加往返磨砂和營造東方主義的感覺,在層積的顏料上營造出時間感,使表面光滑。立體凸點顏料呈現出真實和夢幻交錯的神祕境界。在他稱之為“東方元素移植”的概念下,他試圖通過傳統和現代方法在具體和抽象與東方和西方之間找到平衡。

“狗是陪伴,豹子是獨行俠,藝術對我來說是一種情感和生活的感覺。我希望通過畫筆和顏料的交織,通過我的作品傳達每個人的自我存在的價值,並向您展示思想的自由。” –Ross Lin。