Xin Yue, Born in 1999 in Selangor, Malaysia, is an artist with a unique hand-drawn black-and-white style. She graduated from Malaysia’s THE ONE ACADEMY majored Fine Arts in 2020 and gained recognition from her distinctive “Bellterax” creative imagery style. Her active participation in drawing challenges and exhibitions has garnered widespread acclaim. In 2023, her “Hand of Life” artwork was not only shortlisted in the professional category of the Singapore Asia Arts Association World Charity Painting Competition but also received a silver award.

Influenced by ACG culture (Japanese animation, manga, and electronic games) since childhood, Xin Yue’s creations feature a black-and-white style reminiscent of Japanese manga. Using simple and comfortable black lines, she intricately outlines every detail, purely depicting the unique “small world” within her soul.

In 2021, Xin Yue decided to create a series of works under the name “Bellterax”, including “Eighty #DTIYS” and “Once Upon A Moodboard”. One of her works, “Firefly: Feel Them”, was even shortlisted in the Malaysian Nature Society’s “World Firefly Day” creation series.

Her “Bellterax” series is not merely a portrayal of characters but rather a symbolic exploration of “Being”. This inner sense of “Being” transcends the boundaries of “biological or human” and allows her to find balance within her inner world.

Through her artistic works, Xin Yue not only immerses the audience in the allure of black and white but also integrates elements of nature into her paintings, creating a visually enchanting effect. The simplicity yet detailed richness of her creations fills her works with elegance and mystery.

昕悅生於1999年,來自馬來西亞雪蘭莪,是一位手繪黑白獨特風格的藝術家。 她於2020年畢業於馬來西亞The One Academy(博文學院)純美術係,隨後以其獨特的“貝特拉”創作風格和形象,積極參與繪畫挑戰以及展覽活動而廣受關注。 2023年之作品《生命之手》更入圍新加坡亞洲藝術協會世界公益繪畫大賽專業組並且獲得銀獎。


2021年,昕悅決定開啓以「貝特拉」的名義創作一系列作品,包括《八十#DTIYS》,《很久很久以前情緒版》,其中《螢火蟲:感受它們》於該年更是入圍 了馬來西亞自然協會“世界螢火蟲日”創作系列。


昕悅透過她的藝術作品,不僅讓觀眾沉浸在黑白的魅力中,大自然元素也常出現在畫作中,營造出充滿靈氣的視覺效果。 其創作簡潔又充滿細節使她的作品充滿了優雅和神秘。