Emila was born in Malaysia (Pahang) in 1969. She is known as a self-taught visual artist, illustrator, and author. She has written and illustrated several popular picture books in Malaysia, as well as a series of children’s handbooks. Beloved for her whimsical characters, her talent has won her a loyal following locally and internationally.

In 1995, Emila started her artistic career. Emila was working as a broadcast graphic artist at the time, before switching to the graphic artist in 1999. Since 2007, she has been a picture book illustrator and artist.

Emila’s creations are inspired by life. Her father was a commando, and her experiences growing up in an army camp by the sea and school holidays at her grandparents’ house in Raub, Pahang eventually formed the backdrop for her illustrated trilogy – My Mother’s Kitchen , My Mother’s Garden, and My Father’s Farm.

As an artist, Emila usually focuses on girls and landscapes. Her style is influenced by Art Nouveau, Surrealism, Expressionism, Impressionism, and Neo-Impressionism art movements. Emila’s artwork is not limited to traditional media, she also creates electronic artwork.

艾米拉 1969 年出生於馬來西亞(彭亨州)。她以自學成才的視覺藝術家、插畫家和作家而聞名。她撰寫和繪製了多本在馬來西亞非常受歡迎的圖畫書,以及一系列兒童手工手冊。 她的異想天開的角色深受喜愛,她的才華在本地和國際上贏得了忠實的粉絲。

 1995 年,艾米拉開始了她的的藝術生涯。艾米拉當時是一名廣播平面藝術家,在 1999 年轉為 平面藝術家。從 2007 年開始,她成為圖畫書插畫家和美術家。

艾米拉的創作靈感來自於生活。她的父親是一名突擊隊員,她在海邊軍營長大的經歷,以及在彭亨州勞勿的祖父母家度過的學校假期,最終構成了她創作插圖三部曲的背景——《我母親的廚房》、《我母親的花園》和《我父親的農場》 。

作為一名藝術家,艾米拉 的通常以女孩和風景為創作主軸。 她的風格受到新藝術運動、超現實主義、表現主義、印象主義和新印象主義藝術運動的影響。 艾米拉的藝術作品不僅限於傳統媒體,她還創作電子藝術作品。