Yeoh Kean Thai was born in 1966 in Penang, Malaysia. He graduated from Kuala Lumpur College of Art in 1992. He has garnered international recognition through prestigious awards, including the Phillip Morris Art Award (Malaysia), the Freeman Fellowship (2008) and the Commonwealth Award – International Artist Residency (2009). 

The underlying themes of Thai’s works, since the early 1990s, involved the processes through which the natural environment is disrupted, corrupted and manipulated by human development and urbanization. Thai’s use of technique, colour, and perspective is meant to invite individual empathy and reaction. These themes of environment, decay, and visual regeneration continue–but have evolved into a visual palette that has been described as more engaging and unique 

Thai has developed a unique aesthetic language using metal and metal aesthetics. He is credited with being one of the first artists from Malaysia to be featured during New York’s “Asia Art Week”, in March 2008 and then again in 2009, through Shalini Ganendra Fine Art. He has exhibited in other international venues including Hong Kong and Italy.  His works are in the permanent collection of the National Art Gallery, Malaysia, and numerous corporate and individual collections.  

Thai 1966 年出生于马来西亚槟城。他于 1992 年毕业于吉隆坡艺术学院。他通过著名奖项获得国际认可,包括菲利普莫里斯艺术奖(马来西亚)、弗里曼奖学金(2008 年)和英联邦奖 – 国际艺术家驻地奖(2009 年)。

自 1990 年代初以来,Thai 作品的基本主题涉及自然环境被人类发展和城市化所破坏、破坏和操纵的过程。 Thai 对技术、色彩和视角的使用旨在激发个人的同理心和反应。这些环境、衰败和视觉再生的主题仍在继续——但已经演变成一种被描述为更具吸引力和独特性的视觉调色板

Thai 使用金属和金属美学开发了一种独特的美学语言。他被认为是最早在 2008 年 3 月和 2009 年通过 Shalini Ganendra Fine Art 参加纽约“亚洲艺术周”的马来西亚艺术家之一。他曾在其他国际场地展出,包括香港和意大利。他的作品被马来西亚国家美术馆永久收藏,并被众多企业和个人收藏。