Soe Soe (b.1967, Laputta) from Myanmar, started painting professionally when he was 18. His unusual techniques reflect his pioneering spirit in pursuing innovation in each piece of art. Soe Soe Laputta captures the dappled flecks of sunlight that spread over the terraced rice fields of the Northern Shan State of Myanmar. The vibrant energy of the works combines with rich jewelled hues to attract the viewers’ attention, rejuvenating and delighting. The three-dimensional quality of his pieces captures the nature of these fields, such that one feels he is physically standing by the beautiful hills in Myanmar.

Soe Soe is known to captures the essence of his country with creative energy and detail, galvanising basic elements of colour and design, and transforming them into brilliant visual effects. As if peering through a car window during a monsoon-lashed afternoon, Soe Soe’s paintings are an acute observation of the subtleties of daily life in Yangon.

An active participant in local and international exhibitions in the solo and group categories, Soe Soe’s wonderful paintings are found in the private and public collections in Singapore, Hong Kong, New York and Washington D.C to Europe, just to name a few.



Soe Soe 1967年出生於緬甸。他18歲開始專業繪畫,那特殊的技巧反映了他在追求每件藝術創新方面的開拓精神。 Soe Soe 捕捉了遍佈在緬甸北部山區的梯田陽光斑駁的斑點。他的作品充滿活力與豐富的色調相結合,吸引觀眾的注意力,煥發活力和喜悅。立體質的作品凸顯了大自然的本質,讓人覺得彷彿站在緬甸美麗的山丘上。

Soe Soe 以創作性而聞名。他的作品著重於一事一物的細節,以創意加上對色彩的設計及運用,轉化為絢麗的視覺效果。 “繁忙街道”作品系列中,透過車窗窺視,描繪在雨季的日常生活。此外,他經常駕駛在城市中,觀察日常場景以獲得靈感。他的創作概念既不是“浪漫化”,也不是過度戲劇化日常故事, 而是更深層的描繪出人們即使在沉重的時候也會努力的生活。