Chen Ying-Ru, born in 1983 in Taipei, Taiwan, currently pursuing a fine arts major at the Academy of Art University in San Francisco, USA. As a contemporary Taiwanese artist, she also holds a science degree from Simon Fraser University. Growing up in an artistic environment due to her family’s involvement in the interior designing business, Ying-Ru was immersed in pastel, watercolors, ink painting, and music, including piano and Chinese Zheng zither. Additionally, dance played a significant role in shaping her artistic foundation.

Ying-Ru’s formative years were marked by international experiences, living and studying abroad, exposing her to diverse cultures that continuously influence her artistic and existential perspectives. Following a period of introspection, she formally embraced art, believing that the beauty in life is shaped by the beauty we choose to incorporate into it. Ying-Ru’s current works exhibit a captivating fusion of eastern and western influences. Through a playful approach, she unveils the humorous and fantastical aspects of her subjects, achieving a harmonious blend of the traditional and contemporary.

陳盈如,1983年生於台灣台北,目前正在美國舊金山的藝術學院攻讀美術。 身爲台灣當代藝術傢的她同時擁有西蒙弗雷澤大學的理學學位。 由於家庭從事室內設計業務,盈如在藝術氛圍中度過了童年時光,她深度接觸了粉彩、水彩、國畫、音樂(包括鋼琴和古箏)以及舞蹈,這構成了她藝術基礎的基石。

陳盈如在青年時期大部分時間在國外學習和生活,因此她接觸到了各種文化和生活方式,不斷拓寬她對藝術和存在主義人生觀。 在一段靈魂探索後,她決定正式追求藝術,深信生活中的美與我們選擇融入其中的美麗密切相關。 陳盈如的作品展現了東西方影響的有趣融合。 她透過一種富有創意的方式呈現出主題的幽默和夢幻,以一種包容的方式將傳統與現代相統一。