Currently a fine arts major at the Academy of Art University in San Francisco, USA, contemporary Taiwanese artist Chen Ying-Ru holds a science degree from the Simon Fraser University. With her family engaged in the interior designing business, Ying-Ru was brought up in an artistic atmosphere where pastel, water colours, ink painting and music ( she studied piano and Chinese Zheng zither) as well as dancing formed the foundation of her artistic background.

Ying-Ru spent much of her young adult years studying and living abroad, thus she was exposed to various cultures and ways of living that continues to broaden her artistic and existential outlook on life. After a period of soul searching, she decided to pursue art formally with the conviction that the beauty found in life has much to do with the amount of beauty we decide to bring into it. Ying-Ru’s current works display an interesting blend of eastern and western influences. She playfully brings out the humorous and fantastical aspects of her subject matter in an approach that somehow harmoniously encapsulates both the traditional and contemporary.