Alvin Tan Yuan Kiat was born in 1979 in Singapore. He began his art education in 1997 at the Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts (NAFA) in Singapore. In 2003, he embarked on a journey to Australia where he pursued his higher education in the art of ceramic making at the Chisholm Institution in Victoria and the National Arts School in Sydney. Upon his graduation with a Bachelor’s degree in fine arts with Distinctions from the National Art School in 2006, Alvin undertook his postgraduate program at the Australian National University in 2010. Under the sponsorship of NAFA, Alvin successfully obtained the Master of Visual Arts in 2011.

As a clay specialist, Alvin Tan produces ceramic objects that attempts to present subjective interpretation of the existential dilemma of our current age. He had vividly exhibited locally and aboard. Alvin was a featured Singaporean artist at the Singapore High Commission in Australia at the celebration of Singapore’s 46th National Day. His works are collected by private collectors from Singapore, Malaysia, Taiwan and Australia, as well as various institutions- The Australian Institute of Architects, The Canberra School of Arts, NAFA Gallery, Ngee Ann Kongsi, are also one of his collectors.

From directing and managing the Min Yue Pottery Studio in Malaysia, to establishing The 8th Floor Creative Space locally, Alvin possesses knowledge and skill set of art entrepreneurship. With more than a decade of art teaching and art practice behind him, he currently runs and manage the 7879 Gallery and Clayworks, an integrated contemporary art gallery and ceramics art studio in Singapore co-founded by him.


Alvin Tan 1979 年出生於新加坡。 他於1997 年開始在新加坡南洋藝術學院接受藝術教育。 2003 年,他踏上了前往澳洲的旅程,在維多利亞的奇澤姆學院(CHISHOLM INSTITUTION ) 和雪梨的國家藝術學院接受了陶藝製作藝術的高等教育,並於2006年以優異的成績獲得了美術學士 學位。 2010年,在新加坡南洋藝術學院的全力支持和資助下,這位新崛起的新加坡陶藝家成功的於2011年獲得了視覺藝術碩士學位。

身為陶藝家,Alvin Tan 創作出的陶藝品迫切的想要表達現代人面對生活困境的內在衝突,認為生活缺乏意義或對個人身份感到困惑的矛盾,其獨特的作品和思想也曾活躍的 展示於新加坡及海外畫廊。

新加坡國慶46週年, Alvin 很榮幸的被位於澳洲的新加坡大使館邀請舉辦個人陶藝展。 他的作品也被來自新加坡,馬來西亞,台灣和澳洲的私人收藏家收購珍藏,其中也包括如THE AUSTRALIAN INSTITUTE OF ARCHITECTS, THE CANBERRA SCHOOL OF ARTS,NAFA GALLERY, NGEE ANN KONGSI 等各大教育機構 。

從管理馬來西亞的明月陶藝工作室,到開辦新加坡八樓創意空間,Alvin 也為自己積累了不少的藝術創業知識和技能. 憑藉個人十多年的陶藝教學和藝術鑑賞,他目前正經營一間 名為7879 GALLERY AND CLAYWROKS的全新現代藝術畫廊和陶藝工作室。