Lim Ah Cheng born in 1968 from Klang in Malaysia and has over 30 years of experience as an artist. Lim Ah Cheng began painting as a young boy, where he discovered his love for art. His parents indulged him and let his creativity run wild on mah-jong paper and calligraphy brushes. When he got older, he studied Graphic Design at the Malaysian Institute of Art and went on working as an illustrator/graphic designer for an advertising firm, but after a few years, he decided to go full-time with his passion: painting. He also honed his craft under the tutelage of another established Malaysian artist, Chong Chen Chuan, who was the Chairman of the Calligraphy Society of Malaysia at the time.

His mainstay inspiration is the horse for the past 17 years. A longstanding subject in Chinese painting, as he is drawn to its beauty, speed and movement. By combining traditional Chinese painting techniques with Western abstract expressionism, Lim Ah Cheng is able to strike a balance between traditional and contemporary art. He uses acrylic and calligraphy to depict horses on canvas in different layers, spaces, and light, utilizing the rich texture of oils to add depth and dimension. When he masters depth and expectation, he can easily achieve a harmonious blend of mixed media. Through his use of color, skillful coordination, and the fusion of shapes and lines, Lim Ah Cheng transforms horses into semi-abstract forms, infusing them with immense power and energy on his canvases.

One significant artistic endeavor by Lim Ah Cheng is his “Orchestra Series,” which began in 2008 after he attended a performance by the Malaysian Philharmonic Orchestra. In this series, he cleverly translates the rhythmic essence of music into a visual form. Through the artful coordination of color, imagery, and lines, he turns musicians into semi-abstract figures brimming with energy on the canvas.

Through his colors, ingenious coordination, and fusion of figures and lines, he transforms subjects into semi-abstract figures that are so powerful that they tremble with energy on his canvases. While Western tradition frequently seeks tranquillity from stillness and finds beauty in the motionless state, Lim Ah Cheng’s paintings celebrate the randomness of motion.

林亞清(Lim Ah Cheng)1968年出生於馬來西亞(巴生),已有30多年的藝術家經驗。他從小開始繪畫,隨之發現了他對藝術的熱愛。由於他的父母鼓勵他,讓他利用毛筆在麻將紙上發揮他的創造力,所以長大以後他在馬來西亞藝術學院學習平面設計,並繼續擔任廣告公司的插畫家和平面設計師。但幾年後他決定全職從事繪畫工作,他還受到另一位馬來西亞書法家協會主席鍾正川的指導。