Chen Li Wei is a “self-taught, with self-created artistic expression techniques, unique and talented” female artist from Taiwan, Keelung. She grew up in the mountains where she absorbed much of her artistic talent as a visionary artist. She delicates but extensive three-dimensional palette knife technique is well-known between her art lovers and collectors from all over the world.

Chen Li Wei liked to paint since she was a child without any professional course. She started as a painter until she was 40 years old. Growing up in a small village surrounding by mountains is the reason she loves nature very much. She said, “My childhood was running on the grassland. There are many flowers and trees around me, just like Alice in Wonderland, that’s why my paintings are all about nature.”

Chen Li Wei had only two painting knives, such as a wall, stacking the layers of paint on the canvas, and painting the love of nature. “I think art is a healing treatment for me. I have turned my fearful heart into beautiful scenery. I use my own creation and imagination to talk to my heart.”

Since the year 2008, Chen Li Wei has held nearly a hundred touring exhibitions in major cities around the world and has achieved outstanding results among contemporary artists around the world. In 2016, Chen Li Wei was invited to the Louvre to hold an exhibition, she also won the Jury Prize of the French National Association of Fine Arts at the Louvre in Paris, which made her the highest hall of art. In 2017, she won the Jury Unit Prize of the French International Art Salon. In 2019, she won the Tokyo Art Biennale Academic Award in Tokyo. Her unique style of “stacked paintings” made the world know this self-taught painter.




自2008年,陳俐維在世界各大城市舉辦了近百場巡迴展覽,在世界當代藝術家中取得了優異的成績。 2016年,陳俐維應邀到盧浮宮舉辦畫展,並在巴黎盧浮宮獲得法國國家美術協會文學評獎大獎,登上藝術最高殿堂。 2017年獲得法國國際美術沙龍評委會單元獎。 2019年獲得東京藝術雙年研究展學術獎。 她獨特的“砌畫”風格讓世人認識了這位自學成才的畫家。