Ethen Ng (born in 1981) is a self-taught artist from Penang, Malaysia. He enjoyed painting since young and it was there his artistic talent began to develop when he took up pencil and started to draw. Although Ethen began as a fabric designer, his heart began feeling more into fine art, especially painting. Apart from his work as a full-time artist, he conducts art classes in part-time for school children and adults as well. He makes time every day to allow himself in exploring new techniques to enhance his skills. Ethen says, ‘I believe that one will improve himself through extensive observation and continuous learning.’

In “My Pet Series”, Ethen uses his by using ball pens as the only medium in his work. ‘I like the colourful range of ball pens that provides a huge variety of colours and sizes. They give me so much freedom in creating the artwork I desire, I can easily transform what I feel into my drawing. Ball pens give so much pleasure to me even though the time spent on each drawing is rather long. Every single line and stroke are planned carefully, I totally enjoy the process of making it.’

Ethen’s love towards animal is developed by seeing their playful behaviours, like a form of energy driving him to capture their expressions in drawing. In his work, we can always find different expressions and postures of kitties and puppies.

“The Golden” is Ethen latest series with various types of the Southest Asia cultural subject with new colours matching. Perhaps the easiest way to understand the highly complex cultural interaction is by a visual aid. In this series, it is done by using only using gold, yellow ochre and turquoise colours on the canvas. By combining these colours together, “The Golden” is more effective to represent a cultural identity which has never been done before.

Ethen Ng(生於1981年)來自馬來西亞, 檳城, 是一位自學成才的藝術家。儘管 Ethen 最初是一名面料設計師,但他的內心開始對美術特別是繪畫產生更多的感覺。除了作為專職藝術家工作外,他還兼職為學童和成人開設藝術課。他每天抽出時間讓自己探索新技術以增強自己的技能。以太說:“我相信人們會通過廣泛的觀察和不斷學習來提高自己。”

在“我的寵物”系列中,他使用圓珠筆作為自己作品中的唯一媒介來發揮自己的力量。 ‘我喜歡各種顏色和尺寸的彩色圓珠筆。它們給我很大的自由來創作我想要的藝術品,我可以輕鬆地將自己的感受轉化為繪畫。圓珠筆給我帶來了很多樂趣,即使每張畫花的時間很長。每條線和筆劃都經過精心計劃,我非常享受製作過程。 ’

Ethen 對動物的熱愛是通過觀看動物的嬉戲行為而培養起來的,就像一種驅使他在繪畫中捕捉其表情的能量形式。在他的作品中,讓人總是能找到小貓和小狗的不同表情和姿勢。

“黃金燦爛”系列是Ethen的最新系列。它結合了各種東南亞文化主題,並提供了新的色彩搭配。理解高度複雜的文化互動的最簡單方法也許就是藉助視覺輔助。它僅使用金色,土黃色和綠松石色在畫布上完成他的作品,並將這些顏色組合在一起, 讓 “黃金燦爛”系列有效地代表了從未有過的文化象徵。