P.K. HSU 徐培剛

P.K. HSU 徐培剛

P.K. Hsu born in 1961 in Taiwan, graduated from Oriental Institute of Technology. He was lecturing at Yuan Ze University for departmental communication and technology. He ran his own studio in the early days, engaged in professional music recording, mixing, master tape post-processing, music production, studio management for more than 20 years, more than hundreds of albums done by him. Recently he was joined in classical music live recording and post audio processing. Hsu loves to paint since he was young, but he has no changes to paint. After 20 years, until he joins as a volunteer for an art fair, his artistic journey has begun.

P.K. Hsu likes to use natural light to tone his artwork. His painting studio is near his living room window. In the process of drawing, slowly sorting out the contours and shapes of the theme, the nature of the work is similar to the previous mix of records, one is to shape the sound frequency, the other is carved on the canvas. See the theme of the painting gradually emerged, light and dark profound slightly formed, this time back a few steps to appreciate, very satisfied and calm. Hsu is a guitarist, he thinks music and art are the same, only the medium is different, there is no difference in the feeling of beauty. He felt that it is long in the music work to cultivate his own unique sense of beauty.

“Elf” series selects touching themes to express the beauty of all things through realistic and simplified brushwork. There is just an elf living in everyone’s heart, but a busy life often forgets his existence. The elf in the painting always smiles and is a reminder of the beauty of life. No matter where we are, we should always remember the elf in our heart and never forget to arrive along with and talk with him.