Lee Eng Beng is famous for his street scenes and watercolor paintings of urban heritage buildings. He is a Malaysian artist born in 1967. He is a self-taught artist who studied at Hanjiang High School and then became an art teacher at Yingming Art Center. As an artist, he is one of the most outstanding artists and he is a member of the Malaysian Watercolor Painting Organization.

His work has also won the Young Artist Award at the Penang Museum’s annual art exhibition. In 1994, he won the first prize in the Malaysian Watercolor Painting Competition organized by the Chaozhou Association. His watercolor technique is considered one of the best in the art world.

The group exhibitions that Li Yingming participated in include the Asian Watercolor Federation Exhibition, the 1991 South Korea International Watercolor Exhibition, the Japan International Watercolor Exhibition and the Taiwan-ASEAN Watercolor Exhibition. Locally, his work was exhibited at the Pesta Pulau Pinang Open Art Exhibition from 1993 to 2004, and in 1999, he was part of the Penang Artists List Art Exhibition at the Penang Gallery.


他的作品也曾在檳城博物館年度藝術展上獲得青年藝術家獎。在 1994 年, 由潮州協會組織的馬來西亞水彩畫比賽中獲得一等獎。他的水彩技術被認為是藝術界最好的之一。

李永明參加的群展包括亞洲水彩聯合會展、1991年韓國國際水彩畫展、日本國際水彩畫展和台灣東盟水彩畫展。在本地,他的作品曾於 1993 年至 2004 年期間在 Pesta Pulau Pinang 的開放藝術展上展出,而在 1999 年,他則是檳城畫廊的檳城藝術家名錄藝術展的一部分。