Lim Ah Cheng born in 1968 from Klang in Malaysia and has over 20 years of experience as an artist. Lim Ah Cheng began painting as a young boy, where he discovered his love for art. His parents indulged him and let his creativity run wild on mah-jong paper and calligraphy brushes. When he got older, he studied Graphic Design at the Malaysian Institute of Art and went on working as an illustrator/graphic designer for an advertising firm, but after a few years, he decided to go full-time with his passion: painting. He also honed his craft under the tutelage of another established Malaysian artist, Chong Chen Chuan, who was the Chairman of the Calligraphy Society of Malaysia at the time.

His mainstay inspiration is the horse for the past 17 years. A longstanding subject in Chinese painting, as he is drawn to its beauty, speed and movement. By combining conventional Chinese painting techniques and western abstract expressionism, he is able to strike a balance between the traditional and the more contemporary.

He uses the acrylic medium with the Chinese brushstrokes for horses to express the different layers, spaces and light on the canvas. The texture oil is brilliant, it can show off the layers of colours, the richness of the texture. Depth and perspective can reach easily when I mastered it. It also can lay on top of water-based art medium to create the combination of mixed media harmonically.

Through his colors, ingenious coordination and fusion of figures and lines, he transforms horses into semi-abstract figures that are so powerful that they tremble with energy on his canvases. While western tradition frequently seeks tranquillity from stillness and finds beauty in the motionless state, Lim Ah Cheng’s paintings celebrate the randomness of motion.

林亚清(Lim Ah Cheng)1968年出生于马来西亚巴生,已有20多年的艺术家经验。 他从小开始绘画,随之发现了他对艺术的热爱。他的父母放任他,让他利用毛笔在麻将纸上发挥他的创造力。长大后,他在马来西亚艺术学院学习平面设计,并继续担任广告公司的插画家和平面设计师,但几年后,他决定全职从事绘画工作。他还受到另一位马来西亚书法家协会主席钟正川的指导,以熏陶及磨练自己。


他使用丙烯和书法来表现马匹在画布上的不同层次,空间和光线。丰富的油质感让它可以展现出色彩的层次。当他掌握了深度和期望时,就可以轻松达到目的。 它也可以放置在水基艺术介质之上,以和谐地创建混合介质的组合。