Wu Qiong was born in Beijing, China in 1981. He graduated from the Beijing Shi Fan University in 2001 and Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts in 2006.Being sculptor and painter, Wu creates art that represents the childhood that he and many others of his generation remembered and in doing so, creates touching and amusing portraits of childhood that are distinctly contemporary in the Chinese art scene. His works represent the childhood of Wu Qiong and his contemporaries and therefore created touching and interesting portraits of children with obvious contemporary style in the field of Chinese art.

This concept is furthered by the innocent expressions on the faces of his sculptures and paints subject, which are a great part of their appeal. Sometimes his characters march to tunes in their heads, or take to the air amidst fluffy white clouds. At other times, they come to terms with reality  – which possibly symbolizes the artist – along with his alter egos in the guise of children-having woken up to the way life really is.       



有男孩與女孩攜手漫步於夕陽之下有二人飛翔於雲海之間有端坐樹梢上的也有沉浸於一片汪洋中的時而是一個人的獨角戲時而是二人世界的靜謐出遊…. .. 然而無論故事怎樣敘述兒童化的卡通形象雙目閉合,微微上仰的面龐,含蓄半張的嘴唇都離不開畫面人物“吳瓊式”的典型書寫在當下中國藝術市場消費和娛樂至上的整體景觀中,吳瓊作品中個人的“純粹經驗”就顯得充滿情感、真實而可信。

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