Perhaps because of the subjects and materials he uses, Yoon’s works are quite different from bright scenes of reality. Most of all, his color images that differ from reality lead us to feel nostalgic and to become somewhat retrospective. Such visual images are definitely related to the materials he uses as well. This is attributable to the use of oil-based pastels that suppress color expressions. 

It is not easy to see paintings exuding that kind of mood. His works differ from the recent trend, which mostly inclines toward bright and beautiful color images. Even if other artists use childhood as their subject, they tend to create their artworks in bright and beautiful tones. 

Yoon’s artworks speak about the dreams, loves, hopes and happiness that we had as children, using his childhood memories as the medium. He attempts to express the pure dreams of our childhood, rather than simply depicting visual beauty and idyllic images. By returning viewers to a pure naive childhood untainted by worldly desires, the artist hopes to restore their purity temporarily, transporting them away from hectic reality. 


也许是由于他使用的主题和材料,Yoon Hyeong Ho 的作品与现实的明亮场景完全不同。最重要的是,他的彩色图像与现实有所不同,这使我们感到怀旧,变得有些追溯。这样的视觉图像肯定也与他使用的材料有关。这归因于使用可抑制颜色表现的油基蜡笔。