Coplu was born in the town of Ushak, Turkey and now creates his vibrant works of art in Vancouver, Canada and Antalya in Turkey. He is represented and his artistic creations are shown around the world by leading contemporary galleries.

Throughout as a self-taught artist, he has been exploring different forms of visual art and developed his own distinctive style of painting. Lovingly an array of textures and layers of acrylic colour are harmoniously combined using brushes, palette knives and sponges, bringing to life what he feels within in his heart.

The subjects of Coplu’s paintings are always directly linked to human relationships and the different environments they are connected to, mirroring the feelings, beliefs, thoughts, fears and experiences that we all encounter during our journey through life.

As Coplu would say with a contented smile on his face, “Life is Beautiful”, which radiates through his whimsical yet thought provoking and often optimistic compositions that add a splash of positive colour to life, transcending cultural diversities and connecting with the audience.

Coplu出生于土耳其,游走于加拿大和土耳其创作 – 艺术作品。作为一名自学成才的艺术家,他一直在探索不同形式的视觉艺术,并扩展自己独特的绘画风格。